“WE GIVE OUR DOGS MEDICINE... WHY WOULDN’T WE PUT THEN IN A SEATBELT”This Dog Seatbelt for small-medium dogs (18-30lbs) clips into the seatbelt of your car, and attaches to your dogs harness. Adjustable from 1.5-3FT;this will insure your dog will have plenty of room. In the back seat, if adjusted to 3ft your dog will have enough room to go window to window, but not be able to come up to the front.WHY USE A DOG SEATBELT?1) Your dog never becomes a projectile2) When the car door opens, your dog can’t jump out into traffic3) Your dog can’t jump out the window4) Your dog can’t sit on your lap (it’s illegal)

Dog Seatbelt Medium (20-30lbs)